Endeavour Foundation Corporate Brochure

Endeavour Foundation Corporate Brochure

A 2m long concertina brochure designed for the Endeavour Foundation is lifting the organisation’s professional profile as well as corporate awareness of the benefits of philanthropy. It’s also likely to set a new trend in presentation materials. This highly effective information tool is used when meeting with prospective corporate partners. In an instant, the brochure folds out to form a star-shaped display that sits easily on a boardroom or coffee table.  One side is dedicated to the human story of the Foundation, told largely in black and white imagery. The flip side has the clean open feel of an annual report, appealing to corporate decision-makers with an eye for facts and figures. Many of the creative elements of this head-turning concept are now in other Endeavour Foundation collateral was used in a cinema advertising campaign.

The idea of a concertina brochure came in response to the client’s request for printed material that promoted both philanthropy and volunteering, and told the entire story of the Endeavour Foundation and its many charitable activities. In particular, the client wanted to use the materials as a simple yet effective display when approaching potential businesses for support.

Planning the content involved focusing on aspects that any successful business would wish to align itself with… best practice, elite sports, innovation and free thinking. It was vital that the information was succinct yet relevant, addressing any possible questions from potential corporate partners. The brochure graphically presents key financial information and a compelling argument to companies and individuals to “put up your hand” to make a difference.

Cost was a major consideration, so only 1,000 copies of this custom sized 24 page brochure were printed. Uncoated paper was chosen to give it a more tactile and human feel.

While the concertina brochure is used mainly for display, with selective distribution, a 28 page standard brochure was also produced. It contains additional pages of information and is printed on less expensive paper, making it affordable for much broader distribution throughout the community.

The Endeavour Foundation  has reported a very positive response.

Project Details

  • Client:Endeavour Foundation
  • Project:Corporate Awareness Brochure
  • Categories: Print Design