Logo, Branding & Print Design

Making our clients stand out from their competitors through effective logos, branding and print solutions is our core brand promise.

Getting your brand identity right is critical to establishing the unique look and feel for your organisation or brand. It is also the principle foundation for everything you will create in a marketing sense. It determines your positioning to the world and reinforces your key messages, price point, credibility and reputation.

We strive to create distinctive brand identities for our clients and ensure that the work we create across printed collateral is part of that brand story. Our logo development spans typography and icon creation through to full application of unique brand attributes to your integrated marketing materials. We usually complete our brand development work for clients with a full brand style guide articulating correct brand usage, management and guidelines for fonts, colours and templates.

Branding to us is also about integrating your positioning through the right messages and copy, and the right visuals. We work with many experts in this area to ensure the end result is of the highest standard. Our print design knowledge spans custom design projects in prospectus, annual reports, newsletters, corporate stationery, advertisements, brochures, forms, stands, signage and general collateral.

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Logo Design

Logos that stand the test of time are well crafted with strong typography, colour principles and quite simply, speak of the brand’s essence. A quality logo is unique, legible and able to be applied across all types of executions from digital to print. We understand logo design foundations and can re-craft your existing logo or develop new logos from scratch.

Brand Design

Brand design is much more than just the logo: it is the entire visual look and feel of your communications collateral or marketing campaign. We specialise in branding strategy in either new brand development or a rebrand. We take an integrated approach by reflecting your brand essence through identity (icons and colours), photography, copy and other mandatory elements.

Print Design

With the advent of digital, print, surprisingly, is having a profound impact. We have deep knowledge and skill sets in this area, both from a design and production perspective. Our tailored print solutions reinforce your brand as well as deliver on your marketing objectives. We understand printing requirements, stocks, layouts and finished art to ensure a polished result every time.