Education Branding

In a cluttered education market, getting your school, kindy or college to stand out requires a clearly articulated positioning that differentiates you from your competitors. We call this a brand strategy, where we create and combine all of your brand assets into a unique brand for you.

Developing a brand strategy is the first stage in ensuring your marketing can be as successful as possible. It is a key foundation to your marketing planning and a core item in your marketing systems and processes. It may include elements, depending on what you already have in place, such as:

  • Audit and review of your current marketing collateral
  • Reviewing market research – possibly conducting more
  • Brand workshop with key executive team and marketing staff
  • Confirming your brand essence by using our Brand Pyramid tool Developing a brand positioning
  • Developing a brand campaign for you to use in marketing channels/advertising
  • Brand identity design ensuring your school logo/crest is right
  • Developing and directing a photoshoot
  • Designing new marketing collateral across various channels
  • Developing a brand style guide

Our expertise lies in understanding the education market – what factors determine parent’s decision making and what features and benefits education facilities have to offer. We know the competitive landscape and work hard to ensure your marketing reflects the right positioning for your brand as well as being original in delivery.

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