Stuartholme School Prospectus

Stuartholme School Prospectus

The new prospectus for Stuartholme School in Brisbane is a perfect example of the value of regularly refreshing a brand, no matter how successful past marketing materials. The full colour prospectus is a contrast to the school’s distinctive monochrome prospectus which was a finalist in the 2009 Australian Catalogue Awards and a highly effective marketing tool. However like all publications of this kind, it had a limited life –  and the new prospectus has provided not only a fresh open look but a solution to the problem of professionally presenting information that dates quickly.

The new prospectus introduces the school’s refreshed branding. It features high quality, professional photography which, together with the clever use of the school’s colours, has a positive feel and captures the dynamic, energetic nature of Stuartholme. Subtle changes to the school crest also give it a modern look and allow for greater design flexibility.

In a departure from traditional binding, the prospectus is a screw post bound book. This allows singular pages to be updated separately; also additional pages of detailed and dated information to be produced inhouse and added securely to the back of the document. In the past, loose pages addressing school fees, curriculum details and information for boarders and international students accompanied the prospectus in a sleeve or separate folder.  Manually binding these additional pages to the prospectus is (literally) a neater approach; and thanks to the quality design and printing, helps create a substantial ‘coffee table’ style book. The prospectus can be tailored to the needs of each prospective student and easily updated to maximise the life of the document.

The school’s refreshed branding will extend this year to press advertising, billboards, internal documents, posters, bus wraps and a website that is currently under redevelopment.

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  • Client:Stuartholme School
  • Project:School Prospectus
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