MS Limited Edition Brochures

MS Limited Edition Brochures

How do you sell the same product, but come up with over 125 different ways to successfully promote it? The answer is simple, yet far more challenging to achieve… you use design to tap into emotion. Eight times a year for many years past, MS Queensland conducts its exclusive Limited Edition art union, offering the best odds available to win a premier model Mercedes Benz. Each art union is supported by a high quality promotional brochure that sells a dream – not just a motor car.

The colour brochure constantly changes to match the art union prize, yet it never fails to ooze sophistication. This can be attributed to superb photography and reproduction, understated cover design and emotive typeface and messaging. Everything about the brochure says quality, perfectly reflecting the vehicle on offer and instantly appealing to deep desires and the ultimate self expression.

With only 8,000 tickets sold every art union, the opportunity to own a true luxury car is a real possibility. The fact that this art union has run for so many years and consistently sells out is testament to the success of its marketing concept and the thoughtful, clever use of design to stir feelings, again and again.

The design is also reflected in the website where the user can also purchase tickets in each draw instantly.

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Project Details

  • Client:MS Queensland
  • Project:Limited Edition Art Union Brochures
  • Categories: Print Design