Automatic Technology Axess Pro Campaign

Automatic Technology Axess Pro Campaign

We may live in the online age, but when it comes to creative marketing, hard copy materials can still play a key role. The recent launch of Automatic Technology’s Axess Pro 3000, a new industrial roller shutter opener, used both soft and hard copy collateral to successfully stimulate interest, and ultimately product sales. The coordinated dual-media approach is a great example of how to break into a market that is dominated by one main player.

The four-week campaign aimed to raise awareness of the new product and generate demonstration opportunities which could be translated into sales. It was so successful, the Automatic Technology sales team quickly exhausted initial product allocations.

All industrial roller shutter installation businesses throughout Australia were targeted with three direct mail ‘teaser’ posters sent a week apart, each highlighting a key feature of the product and inviting readers to register interest at a gradually-activated website. An email version of the high gloss poster was sent the same day. The campaign culminated with a high quality, detailed technical brochure sent via post that coincided with the full website reveal. Finally, a further email announced the newly-launched website.

“By the time our sales team started contacting customers, there was significant awareness of how our product was different,” explains Automatic Technology’s National Sales and Marketing Manager, Matthew Horsten. “The unit is unique in that it can be mounted left or right-handed, which gives it a major competitive edge. Through the direct mail strategy, our product got noticed, and installers have recognised there is a credible alternative player in a market that had been dominated by one company for decades.”

The accordion-style brochure ‘centrepiece’ of this innovative campaign won a Highly Commended Award at the 2012 Australian Catalogue Awards, and was named one of three finalists in the Technology on Paper category.

A highly visual suite of materials was delivered that evoked their brand essence – strong, quality, impactful and made to last.

Project Details

  • Client:Automatic Technology
  • Project:Axess Pro Launch Campaign
  • Categories: Print Design