Redbourne Group Parent Portal

Redbourne Group Parent Portal

A new website developed by the Redbourne Group illustrates what can be achieved when technical and design expertise work well together. The result is the most comprehensive web-based portal available to parents of children in childcare, and an interesting, user-friendly interface that meets today’s online expectations for easy navigation and instant access to information.

The parent portal is an extension of Redbourne’s successful Child Care Central software developed for childcare centre operators. Parents log into the secure website to access a wide range of daily information relating specifically to their child, including educational activities, medication, observations and photographs. They can also leave messages or comments on their child’s tailored webpage.

The software development team’s brief to the designer was to create a special experience for parents and give them convenient access to all the information they want, but generally don’t have time to ask for when they are rushing to drop off or collect their child each day. It helped that the designer had first-hand experience!

The site features a simple childlike design which is friendly and a bit of fun, plus easy-to-find entry points to various data resources. The design theme, which can be changed from time to time to keep the experience interesting, cleverly disguises the technical sophistication of the site.

According to Stephen Menhinnitt, owner of the Redbourne Group, the software and its unique design elements have taken portals of this kind to another level. Childcare centres using the website under their own branding can easily share with parents all the data they already record as part of their government reporting obligations, while at the same time effectively streamlining their inhouse data collection and records management.

Project Details

  • Client:Redbourne Group
  • Project:Parent Portal secure website
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